Who We Are

Teacher Librarian, or TL as we’re often called, is designed specifically for you, the library professional working with children and young adults.

Within our pages you’ll find lively and relevant articles exploring current issues such as collaboration, leadership, technology, advocacy, information literacy, and management.

Regular sections include:

* Reviews of education and library-related professional materials

* Strategies to help you better manage library resources

* Articles to keep you up-to-date on the latest in information technology

* The best new books for children and young adults, non-fiction, videos, and computer software

* Internet resources grouped by theme to spark your imagination

…and more!

We’re one of the largest independent library journals, with over 26,000 readers in the U.S., Canada, and abroad. Not a subscriber yet? Click the Subscribe button to join us and get the information, methods, strategies and technologies to enhance your work life and career.



  1. I just tried to submit a subscription order and i’m returned to the subscription screen again. Did my order take or should I try again? Is there a phone # to call in an order? Thanks!

    Charles Atteberry, East Peoria Community High School, Illinois.

  2. Carla says:

    I am interested in subscribing to digital TL magazine if available. Kindly, send me the quotation price of the yearly subscription. 

    Carla Mitri

  3. RoseMary Honnold says:

    For a limited time, the Digital Teacher Librarian is free. It will continue to be free to print subscribers, and will be available by subscription alone in the near future. Print subscriptions are available here: Subscribe

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